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Holiday Season Message From A Musician

Emir Cerman is a musican and he is my son. I’m proud of him and want to share his message to whole world. Please read and spread this message to your friends and loved ones. Happy Holidays to all.


Please take a moment and Read this !, Im sure it will change your day too, if you do what I did this morning.

I had a most amazing experience of my life this morning at Boston metro.

10:00am Green Line,

I was going to prudential E line and I got out of from the metro. I went to upstairs and I saw this huge crowd of high school kids, and I didn’t pay attention and start to walking,
then I start to hear a huge choir sound. And i stopped!
The moment when I looked back and 60 kids singing and their teacher was start to conducting!!

They were singing this beautiful Christmas choir piece ! And I was the only one listening to them….
people was too SCARED to stay and STOP in the morning and listen to them I guess????? How ??

It was so magical at 10:00 am in the morning with huge energy with amazing smile!

By the time they finish the piece, we were 2 people clapping them…. and I saw there was a hat on the floor with bunch of dollars..

I start to walking to them to give money and THAT WAS THE MOMENT !! One of the performer said .

OMG HE IS COMING HE IS THE FIRST ONE ! Everybody starts to clapping cheering up screamiiing and I put there 10$. And they screamed at me MERRY CHRISTMAS we love you so muuuch. THAT WAS A MESSAGE FOR ME FOR 2013 :))

The appreciation was unbelievable!!

Please support the musicians. Because you don’t know how hard this journey is.
If you are a musician and if any people playing on the street professional or amateur, Doesn’t really matter give them something please!!

Don’t you forget how hard this journey is ?? Don’t you remember how much you were excited when you started first time ??

If you are not musician, oh that’s another story of course ! that means you are missing the most amazing elements of your life !! Don’t walk away, im sure you have couple minutes in your life to stop and breathe with the music!!

if you don’t have money at least stay and smile and watch them. Because they will see on you face that you are appreciating their art! And they will appreciate you too.

Musicians!!! don’t ever forget we are the one’s giving rest of the world for a living reason! and Healing to the world!

Some people just forget how to listen!!! And lets show them how to listen!!

I believe this will innovate the world.

I love you all, I love my life and appreciating every single moment because of I’m HUMAN and MUSICIAN!!

Emir Cerman